Spa Group Events

A spa group event at The Seventh Moon Wellness Spa is the perfect way to entertain your friends, family or co-workers and treat yourself at the same time!  Whether it's a celebration for four or twenty, we can help you make it a memorable experience.  Any occasion is a good reason to celebrate:  bachelor / bachelorette parties, wedding/baby showers, birthday, anniversaries, corporate reward parties, or if you're just looking for something different to do when you get together.

Please click on the "Spa Group Contract Agreement" below to read, complete, and send back to the spa in order to schedule your group:

Spa Group Contract Agreement

Please Note

 Any group of four (4) or more guests is considered a group and, therefore, must follow our Spa Group Event scheduling protocol. Please thoroughly read the information provided below so you know how to proceed in coordinating your Spa Group Event. 


Wedding Group Events


Any bridal party wishing to coordinate a wedding group event at The Seventh Moon Wellness Spa must submit the following inquiry form in order to begin the reservation process.  

We strongly recommend that you begin coordinating your wedding group event at least six (6) months before the desired reservation date.

**Submitting the inquiry form does not guarantee you a confirmed hold on a date or guarantee you a reservation.** 

Either Xandria (Owner) or Rowan (Spa Director)  will contact the wedding group event coordinator to set up a Wedding Group Event Planning Consultation, where we will go over the Spa Group Contract Agreement, provide a tour of the spa, go over service and space rental options.

After  Xandria or Rowan has received your groups completed Spa Group Contract Agreement, the scheduling and reservation process will begin.

Wedding Group Events will not be scheduled without following this protocol.


Wedding Group Event Inquiry Form

Name *
Desired Date for Group Event *
Desired Date for Group Event
Selecting the date in this inquiry form does not guarantee the availability of the date nor does it confirm the reservation of the date for your group event.
This does not guarantee the availability of your desired start time nor does it confirm the reservation of the start time.
Tell us a little more about your group!
Approximately how many guests do you expect to attend the spa group event?
I need private space for my event *
I have read and reviewed the Spa Group Contract Agreement *


Spa Group Events

For any occasion other than weddings or bachelorette groups.

Where to Start

If you wish to begin the process of coordinating a spa group event please begin by reviewing, completing, and returning (via email or standard mail) to the Spa the Spa Group Contract Agreement and submitting the following form. 


           Spa Group Contract Agreement                           Spa Group Inquiry Form             

Name *
Phone Number *
Phone Number
Maximum of 20
Subject to schedule availability
Please keep in mind guests are required to arrive at least 20 minutes before their scheduled appointment start time.
I have read and reviewed the Spa Group Contract Agreement *

To continue the booking process, please review our Spa Group Contract Agreement.

Click below to open the document in a new tab:

 Spa Group Contract Agreement

Read and review the Spa Group Contract Agreement, compile the necessary information, and return it via email to to begin booking your Spa Group Event. 


Spa Group Event Suggestions

consider booking a

Private Spa group event.

Depending on the size of the group, the entire spa may be closed for your private party. By booking a Private Spa Group Event, your guests would be free to use all spaces in the spa as Private Space - including the Spa Common Area and the Spa Studio. 


Decide whether you need a Private Space During Your Event. 

If you don't want to book a Private Spa Group Event, you are welcome to rent our Spa Studio Space.

Our Spa Studio Space can be furnished with yoga mats, sitting mats, pillows, and blankets or tables and chairs (upon request).

studio Rental Fee 

$40 first two hours (minimum); $15 each additional hour

Please contact the spa if you have any questions or need additional information.



Booking a Private Spa Group Event

If you would like to reserve the entire spa for your group, there is a $150 fee per hour for Private Spa Group Events reserved Monday through Thursday and a $200 fee per hour for Private Spa Group Events reserved Friday through Sunday. Booking a Private Spa Group Event means that there will be no other spa guests receiving services while your group is scheduled to be at the Spa. 

Areas of the Spa Available for your use during your Spa Group Event: 

The Spa Common Area has two nearby relaxing seating areas which can seat a total of seven spa guests.

The Spa Studio space is our multi-purpose studio space where we host various classes and workshops like yoga, art, and various meditation and healing workshops. For this reason there is no furniture (couches or chairs) in the Spa Studio space but it can be furnished with comfortable sitting mats, pillows, blankets and folding chairs for your comfort by request. We have 20+ folding chairs, and various seating cushion options for use in our Spa Studio, and this space can accommodate approximately twenty guests.

 Make sure you indicate your private space preferences to the Spa Group Event Coordinator so we are able to prepare whichever space(s) you wish to use during your Private Spa Group Event. 


Spa Group Event FAQs


Q: Does The Seventh Moon Wellness Spa have a relaxation / meditation / quiet room? 

A: No, but we do have noise and electronic policies in place to make our spa environment as relaxing as possible and encourage our spa groups to book their events privately so they can use the entire spa as a relaxation space. 

Q: Does The Seventh Moon Wellness Spa offer Robe Service for group events?

A: No. In an effort to be as environmentally conscious as possible and to eliminate unnecessary uses of large quantities of water, we do not offer robe service for our group events. While we do have robes on premises, they are used only in circumstances in which a guest must move from one private treatment room to another. Guests are permitted to wear robes into common areas, but, in general, not many guests are completely comfortable doing so as the spa is a public place that sees many people coming and going quite frequently. All spa guests are encouraged to dress as comfortably as they wish and are encouraged to keep in mind that if your group event is not private, there will be outside guests around the spa receiving other services, and that group events can last anywhere from 3-8 hours and that during your down time spent out of being in services you will be wearing your 'street clothing.' If you do not wish to wear your 'street clothing' while you are not in services, please feel free to bring your own robe or a change of more comfortable clothing to lounge around in. (Pajamas are absolutely welcome! Think of your spa day as day lounging around your house, but so much better.)

Q: Why can't we bring alcoholic beverages with to our Spa group event?

A: Unfortunately, we had to put this policy into effect because of issues we have had in the past. Due to the unpredictable nature of humans and alcohol consumption, we were forced to disallow outside alcoholic beverages being consumed on our premises. As a courtesy to our guests, we do offer everyone a single complimentary alcoholic beverage of their choice from the beverages we have in stock. On any given day this may include various wines or even champagne. We do offer a complimentary hospitality bar to which our guests can help themselves at any time which includes a variety of coffees and teas to choose from.  



Prices subject to change without notice.