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"Creating a space to explore intentional living with increased awareness in an effort to slow the pace of our lives."

Our Studio has been created with you in mind.  It's a place to explore and discover - more about you and ways to slow down and live intentionally.  This beautiful space is dedicated to learning and sharing.  Check this page often to see the list of classes/workshops scheduled and join the ones that strike your interests.  To join a class or workshop, click the "Book an appointment or Join a Class" link on the right margin of this page.  Instructor bios available on the "About our Staff" page.  Please contact the spa if you have any questions.

Introduction to Yoga 3 classes / $15
Available only for All regular, weekly yoga classes

Need a new yoga studio? Find your new OM at The Seventh Moon.
We believe it takes about 3 classes to give you an idea of what Yoga is about and allow your body a chance to enjoy the poses.
  You'll be glad you took the time to discover the wonderful benefits of yoga!  This Intro Package is available for purchase ONE TIME ONLY per person.  If you enjoy our yoga classes, purchase a series of classes at 10% off!


Our Yoga Studio has a limited number of spare yoga mats.

Please make sure to bring your own yoga mat to insure you have one during your session in our studio.


Weekly Classes



* coming September 2019 * | Monday 4:30 - 5:30 pm

Kripalu Style Flow | Beginner/intermediate | $10* | Instructor: Lorene Wolf

This class is designed to get your blood flowing and gently get you moving as you wind down for the day. It is appropriate for beginners and those who would prefer a gentle practice. Meditation and relaxation techniques will be incorporated into this class.

Tuesday 10-11 am

Gentle-Flow style | Beginner/intermediate | $10* | Instructor: Lorene Wolf

Join this yoga class for a balance of breath and movement in a flow that’s perfect for beginners or experienced practitioners alike. Wellness and ways to bring yogic principles into everyday life are taught. Chairs are available for those who find it difficult to work on the floor, however, the floor is still an option for those who wish to practice without a chair.

tuesday 6-6:30 pm

rejuvenating style | beginner | $6 | instructor: tiffany lakatosh

Rejuvenating Yoga is a slow paced yoga class that is designed to rejuvenate your body, mind, & soul. This class uses a combination of traditional yoga poses and mindful breathing to help participants feel relaxed and rejuvenated. This class is for all fitness levels, including beginners.

Thursday 4:30-5:30 pm

Athletic style | Intermediate | $7 (cash only please) | instructor: JoLynn gazo

Join JoLynn for an afternoon of athletic yoga! Proper alignment and postures are emphasized so you can maximize your practice of this ancient art. This class is not available for intro package or series purchase.

Friday 10-11 am

Gentle-flow style | Intermediate/advanced | $10* | Instructor: lorene Wolf

Join this yoga class for potent alignment-oriented practice that emphasizes the forms and actions within yoga postures. Traditional asanas are held in accurate alignment. Emphasis is placed on core strength, flexibility, and balance as well as concentration and controlling the breath. This class is based on physical postures (asanas), deep breathing, mindfulness, and listening to the body. This class is perfect for beginner and experienced practitioners alike; you’re always encouraged to work within your limits to gain the most benefits.


Still Kickin' Phase 2: Strong and Stretched

monday 6-7 pm and friday 12-1 pm | low-impact aerobics | $5* | instructor: Phyllis manser

The key to aging well is to balance muscle power with flexibility. Class movements will center around a chair, either standing or sitting alternately, incorporating exercises which use various accessories. Kettle bells and figure-8 toning tubes are new additions to the wands, weights and rings. Improve body, mood and health while you move to energizing music

Barre Above ®

tuesday 5-5:45 pm | tone & tighten | $15* | instructor: tiffany lakatosh

Barre Above is a totally unique approach to barre workouts as you've seen them. Fusing the best of pilates, yoga, aerobics, and elements of the strengthening exercises dancers do, Barre Above™ delivers a results-driven workout that is not only fun and dynamic, but it will sculpt your body and get you into absolutely amazing shape.

When taking a Barre Above™ workout:

  • You'll see improvements in your posture, flexibility, overall body strength, and balance.

  • You'll obtain a body awareness that you may not have had before.

  • You'll transform your body and feel more confident in your fitness.

  • You'll establish friendships and new connections among your fellow participants.

You don't need to worry about having any dance experience in order to take a Barre Above class, because Barre Above instructors teach you with the intent of progression with safer approach. When you take a Barre above class, you'll always feel challenged, yet consciously aware of what is right for your body. Barre Above classes teach you to find the strength of a dancer within you, and to transform your body.

Monthly Classes

LUNA SUB rosa | Monthly, around the full moon

Full Moon Circle with Kundalini Yoga and Meditation | $25

This safe and supportive circle involves light Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, as well as a comfortable conversation about the moon and its affect on you. Crystal and essential oil suggestion to amplify the radiance of this lunation.

Purchase a Series of Passes to Luna Sub Rosa and get a free reading with Michelle Devi Ananda

Purchase a series of 3 passes to Luna Sub Rosa and get a free tantric numerology reading complete with meditations and kundalini Kriya's to help elevate you from the perspective of your Soul, Destiny, Gift, Path & Karma numbers.

Purchase a series of 5 passes to Luna Sub Rosa and receive a 1/2 hour celestial energy session with Michelle who invites your loved ones, guides, angels and highest self to commune with you, offering guidance and blessings.

Series never expire, and can be used at your convenience.

Upcoming Meetings

Friday, August 9 @ 6 pm

Friday, September 13th @ 6 pm

Friday, October 11th @ 6 pm

Friday, November 8th @ 6 pm

Friday, December 13th @ 6 pm

restorative yoga and sound bath workshop

with Jenn Gizerian | Upcoming Date TBD

$30 (advanced registration) | $35 (walk-in)

For those seeking relief from the stress of daily life, and a state of deeper relaxation.

Restorative yoga is a slow, floor-based practice which uses props, such as bolsters, blankets and blocks, to support you in long holds. Each posture is held for several minutes to allow the central nervous system to calm and for you to experience the benefits of deep relaxation.

Throughout the practice, you will be immersed in the healing sounds of a Solfeggio tuned steel tongue drum, singing bowls, flutes, and more. Various aspects of sound deepen the experience, improving physical and emotional well being.


Upcoming Classes

Thursday, August 1st @ 6pm

Join this small group class that combines restorative yoga positions, massage, and mindfulness to provide the ultimate relaxation experience. Participants can expect to be in highly supported, comfortable yoga positions for extended periods of time while being guided into a state of bliss by meditation and relaxed by gentle, supportive massage techniques.

Participants are required to make a full deposit in order to reserve their spot in a Yomassage class.

Participants must complete and return the Yomassage Intake Form and Yomassage Liability Release Form before arriving to the class. Forms should be sent via email to at least 24 hours before the scheduled class.

*10% discount offered with the purchase of a series of 4 classes or more. Only available for Tuesday and Friday Yoga classes, Still Kickin’, and Barre Above ®.


*Prices subject to change without notice.